Extra Saves

Warning, this was only tested in Chrome & Firefox (I also tried in Edge but it couldn't download the json)

How to Use

  • Ensure you are running 3.6.0 (or later) of Checkpoint
  • Load up Checkpoint and wait for all the titles to load
  • Press X to browse ExtData
  • Backup PKSM's ExtData, it will be located under /3ds/Checkpoint/extdata/0xEC100 PKSM/
  • Find the folder that matches the name you gave to the backup
  • Copy the config.json to your computer and click Choose File to choose your config.json
  • Once you're done making changes, click Download Config File to download your new config.json
  • Copy your config.json to the folder containing your old config.json
  • Restore your extdata backup through Checkpoint

To begin, please load your config.json file!