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Pokémon legality checker server, meant to use with PKSM. Heavily based on PKHeX.Core and PKHeX AutoLegality-mod.

The development of this tool is currently on hold because the maintainer is busy with the final university year. Once the development resumes, this notice will be removed. Thank you for the patience


This software is meant to be used in couple with PKSM.

To use this, you should follow those steps:

  • Make sure the devices running PKSM and serveLegality are connected to the same network.
  • Launch the wireless option in PKSM: PKSM>Editor>Y
  • Note the IPADDRESS in the bottom screen
  • Launch serveLegality.exe
  • Enter the PKSM Server IP (Bottom of your 3DS screen) in the PKSM IP text box.
  • Select the Verbose checkbox if you would like detailed legality information. Otherwise keep it unchecked.
  • In PKSM, move onto a pokemon in your boxes, then press X to enter serveLegality's IP address, then confirm
  • Send any pokemon file you want by pressing X on PKSM, the legality report will appear on serveLegality console box.




serveLegality/PKHeX.Core is a Windows CLI application which requires .NET Framework v4.6.

The executable can be built with any compiler that supports C# 7.


  • Kaphotics and SciresM for PKHeX, on which this software is heavily based. Without their legality checking APIs, this couldn't exist anytime soon.
  • ArchitDate, which provided his PKHeX AutoLegality-mod. Without his legality work, this couldn't exist anytime soon.