Gateshark cheat code database for Luma3DS 9.1+ and Atmosphere 0.8.5+.


Sharkive relies on a manually populated database to download and apply new cheats. Most of them are not yet confirmed to work.

We need your help: report all the cheats that aren’t working as an issue in this repository. We will update them or remove them to avoid further issues with other users. Additionally, if you have cheats that aren’t available in Sharkive yet, please create a Pull Request.


Q: Help! This cheat doesn’t work.
Q: Why does the name turn red when I try to use this cheat?
A: There can be a few causes for cheats not working:
1. Make sure you’re using the latest version of your system’s preferred custom firmware (CFW) - 3DS: stable release or nightly build (preferably the latter) of Luma3DS. - Switch: Atmosphère 2. Cheats are all made for a particular version (game update) and/or revision of a game and will likely not work on others. Make sure the cheat(s) you are trying to use are for the version and/or revision you are playing. 3. If after trying the above you still can’t get the cheat(s) to work, please report them so we can either relabel them for their proper version/revision or remove them.

Q: Can you add cheats for this game?
A: Nobody currently on the FlagBrew team makes cheats. Everything in Sharkive’s database comes from user submissions. If you have some working cheats for your game and want them included in Sharkive, submit a pull request and someone will get around to adding them.


Q: How do I use these cheats?
A: First off, you need CFW (Luma3DS) installed. Then load up your game, open the Rosalina menu (press L + d-pad down + Select), choose “Cheats”, then press A on each of the cheats you want to use to activate them.

Q: Does this work for DS games?
A: No. Luma’s Rosalina cannot interact with DS games so its cheat engine is unavailable to them. You can try looking into NitroHax for DS cheats.

Q: Some cheats have a star (*) next to their name in Rosalina. Why?
A: This means that the cheat makes use of a key combo. If the cheat name doesn’t mention the key combo you’ll have to look up the code and translate the line(s) starting DD000000 to figure out what the key combo is.

Q: Some cheat names are cut off in the list. Can you make the full name display? Can I read the full name somewhere?
A: Cheat names getting cut off is due to Luma, not Sharkive. Check the wiki page for titles in the database to find easy links to the cheat files you want to see.


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This project is licensed under the GNU GPLv3. See for details.


JourneyOver for providing and maintaining all the cheat codes in Sharkive’s database.

All the cheats submitters and reporters.

All Luma3DS contributors.