Privacy Policy

Last Updated May 12th, 2020


By using this website (and the services it provides such as Auto Legality in PKSM or GPSS) you acknowledge that you have read and understood the privacy policy provided to you.

If you do have any questions or concerns please reach out to us on Discord or reach out to the web developer at here

Tracking & Stuff

Google Analytics

This website (at-least when browsing in a web browser) uses Google Analytics to determine user interaction with the website and performance related statistics, all information is anonymized and no personally identifying information is collected.

If you would like to review Google Analytics' privacy policy you can do so here and if you would like to opt out, please use an extension such as ublock origin to block the script.

What we log

The only piece of information that we log is IP addresses. This is done for security and moderation purposes as if a user attempts to upload malicious content/bypass filters, we ban their IP address to stop them from being able to upload content.

Aside from that, we do NOT collect any additional information that can be classified as personal information or that can be used to identify someone online. IP addresses do not provide a way of identifying individual users and are simply used for moderation and security purposes.



We (Flagbrew) use Cloudflare for our website for security and speed purposes, and Cloudflare uses cookies for optimization purposes and security, you can read their privacy policy here.

Our Stuff

The website uses the local storage feature in your browser to store the theme setting for the website. This means we store whether you're using the dark or light theme to determine what theme you would like to use while browsing the website.

Mobile Related Privacy Policy Section


The GPSS Mobile App requests permission to use the camera for the purposes of scanning QR codes. No pictures are taken or saved and once information is extracted from the QR code scanned within the app, the camera is turned off and remains inactive until used again for QR scanning.

The app also requests storage access for purposes of downloading from GPSS and saving to the local downloads folder on your device.

Finally, it may also request networking permissions, this is to allow access to GPSS and to also allow the usage of the built-in Auto Legality server that PKSM can take advantage of for portable auto legalization.


Right to be forgotton

This is a bit difficult because we don't collect any information that is able to identify who you are, as such the only thing we can do is, if you can prove that you are the uploader of a pokemon on this website, then we will remove upload upon your request (which should be either done over Discord or via email)


Much the like issue above, we don't know anything about users that use the service/mobile app. As stated above as well, we don't collect any information that could be used to identify someone in real life. As such

Opt out of Google Analytics

With all that being said, one matter of privacy I can offer you, is to allow users to opt out of Google Analytics, if for some reason you cannot install an browser extension to block Google Analytics, clicking the following button will toggle between enabling and disabling Google Analytics for your browser (we will use local storage for storing that option).